Monday, 25 April 2011


John Foster says exactly what I've been thinking, with the benefit of hands-on with the E5.

Some... person recently posted a comment saying they'd buy my E system kit from me. Well, if I hadn't wasted all that freaking money buying it in the first place, that would have been great. Unfortunately, it's resale value is somewhat unlikely to buy me an adequate replacement as the state of finances prohibits any investment in camera gear for the foreseeable future. Fed-up? No, I am absolutely freaking furious, not with Olympus for being a second-rate camera manufacturer, but with myself for being a complete sucker and believing their horse feathers.


Martin said...

Yo Hugh. I really enjoyed Flikring your pictures, with some winning ones, from what I learned at a camera club in competition. One I saw of York at night was good as I tried night shooting there and it isn't straightforward.

Er - Martin, aka Dude

Rudmer said...

Hi Hugh, don't be bitter about Olympus. This E5 (which I own) is a fantastic camera. I would say, sell some of your lenses and buy an E5 an you can enjoy your system for at least another 5 years. Many people are still using their E1. I bought myself into the brand just recently. For the same type of system from Canon or Nikon it would have costed me double the money. And btw, OVF and mirrors will dissapear anyway, also with the other brands.

Cheers, Rudmer

Anonymous said...

You are a tough bugger to track down again... don't have any numbers or email for you. Just read your blog rant.. Get in touch.. fb, twitter (I joined yesterday) 07773 848832 your mate Griff.