Saturday, 30 October 2010

So long... and so annoyed

Almost two years since I last posted here. Some things have changed. I got a proper job. I slid into deep depression because of the financial crisis that ensued from not having one. However, I somehow managed to stay in work. I got a better paid job. I got a pay-out from a legal claim for a fall in early 2008 in which I broke my (camera holding) wrist (no handrail on some stairs, poor lighting and signage and a health & safety violation by the cafe concerned). I got an E30. Unfortunately, I now have little time for photography...

I am also increasingly disillusioned with Olympus. As many of us predicted, micro four-thirds has clearly spelt the doom of four-thirds proper. With the half-baked E5 we are back in the days of the OM4 being upgraded to the OM4ti, and thousands of committed existing owners then being stuffed by Olympus's suits. Of course, as an ordinary consumer, there's sod-all any of us can do about it, other than to tell anyone who'll listen DON'T BUY OLYMPUS - THEY'LL SCREW YOU OVER. Seriously bitter, yes you bet. With about £6k invested in Olympus bodies and glass which will slowly become redundant, I am bound to be. Although what I am most bitter about is my own stupidity. If I had the money, I would go Nikon tomorrow as a brand that has enough professional backing to have longevity. Maybe Sony may also be around for the foreseeable, but I can really only think that Canon & Nikon have the legs to stay with enthusiast photography long-term. Olympus make me sick.
Perhaps it really was an inferior product. Shame about the glass.